Monday, August 8, 2011

Why Is Windows Phone Failing?

Eweek asks "Why is Windows Phone failing?"  The question should be "How could it not fail?"   What is the benefit of a Windows phone?  It doesn't have the apps, ease of use, and coolness factor of an iPhone.  It doesn't have the apps, cutting edge hardware, and customizability of Android.  It doesn't even have basic things people want like a web browser with pinch to zoom.  There is literally no reason to get a windows phone except perhaps if you like the interface so much that you can't imagine using an iPhone or Android Phone.  Sure Mango will be an improvement, but it won't give anyone a reason to buy a Windows phone over another type of phone.  it will just make people who already wanted one a little happier.   What Microsoft needs to do is put together a phone that looks like a Galaxy S II with a 720p screen and a state of the art CPU/GPU.  Then it needs to port the 20 best x-box games over to Windows phone and allow you to play on-line with console players.  That is the only chance that MS has to have a device people lust over. 

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