Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Dear Verizon: Not Everyone Wants a 4.3" Screen

The iPhone's biggest problem in my mind is that it is one size fits all. So why are Android manufacturers all using huge 4.3" screens? It is like all new high end laptops having 17" screens. Lets review the upcoming Verizon phones. Thunderbolt 4.3" screen, Charge 4.3" screen, Revolution 4.3" screen, Bionic 4.3" screen. See the trend? 4.3" screens have an initial "wow factor," but they have some big drawbacks. Not everyone is comfortable holding such a large phone especially after you put a case on it making it even bigger. The larger screen reduces pixels per inch making it more pixelated than smaller screens. Larger screens also use more battery. Sure there are some 4" phones like the Incredible S, but it is using an outdated processor and has a 480p screen. What Verizon needs is a 4" phone with a dual core processor and a qHD screen (not a fake qHD pentile matrix screen like the Atrix). So lets not turn Android into Apple and give Android users some choice.

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