Monday, May 2, 2011

I have gone over to the Dark side...well not completely

I purchased an iPad 2 for my wife and I a few weeks and I will let you guess who is using it more :)  I have fallen in love with Netflix, Flipboard, Zite, Splashtop and I can't say how good a WoW clone that Order and Chaos is.  iCab is a really nice browser as well.  I bought the Zaggmate keyboard case and it really makes the iPad feel like an iOS laptop when I need a keyboard.  The keys are small and take some getting used to, but after a while it is not big deal.

Wait a minute you say, what about customization and widgets?  I don't think they are as important as on a phone.  On a phone I want all my direct dials at my fingertips.  I  want to be able to glance down at my email, facebook, and twitter and weather widgets.  On an tablet.  I don't really need any of those things so the more polished iOS interface has fewer drawbacks than it does on an iPhone.  I also don't have the problem of reading the small iPhone screen.

All that said, the simplicity does annoy me at times.  Things that take one step on Android take three steps on the iPad.  This is not a big deal on the iPad, becuase I don't need to access things very quickly, but on a phone it would be down right annoying.  Perhaps a jailbroken iPhone with a 4" screen would tempt me, but as of now I could not see myself switching to an iPhone--especially with Order and Chaos coming out for Android soon :)

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