Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Moronic Beatweek Post of the Week: Only "geeks" criticize the iPhone.

Just a week after being expertly fisked by iDownloadblog on his ridiculous take on jail breaking, Bill Palmer of Beatweek is at it again with his Apple worshiping posts.  This post is dedicated to "geeks" which seem to be defined as anyone who criticizes the iPhone for any reason.  First he continues to deny the all-too-real iPhone antenna problem--which Apple tried to fix on the Verizon iPhone.  Then he disparages anyone as a "geek" who gets upset when iPhone all glass (not gorilla glass) surface is easily scratched.  That's right Bill, if you are upset at an aesthetic problem, you are a "geek."  Lastly, he actually has the gall to say, without irony, that anyone who has any "problem" with the iPhone is, you guessed it, a "geek."  Bill, anyone so obsessed with a gadget as you are with the iPhone is a geek.

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