Friday, August 20, 2010

The Android Advantage

So you may be asking yourself, is this blog written by some iPhone fanboy who only wants to criticize Android? Well, of course not, but I do want to write down my thoughts on how to make Android better. I think the iPhone is a very nice mix of elegant hardware and software, but here is my list of Android Advantages over the iPhone.

1. 1.5ghz dual core CPUs coming soon.
2. GPUs with three times the power.
3. Free wireless tethering with root--usb tethering without.
4. Flash video.
5. Ability to use any size font in browser. The iPhone will only fit to page on double tap.
6. Kinetic browser scrolling. The iPhone scrolls one screen at a time.
7. Swype keyboard. The easiest one handed typing method in portrait mode. Even faster than two handed in portrait.
8. Customizable home screens.
9. Widgets
10. Free turn by turn GPS
11. Automatic google apps integration.
12. Tabbed browsing with Dolphin and xScope browsers.
13. Desktop direct dial shortcuts.
14. Built in voice dictation, voice app control.
15. Super AMOLED screens.
16. 4" and larger screens
17. Removable batteries to easily double or triple battery life.
18. Removable SD cards for unlimited storage.
19. Open marketplace.
20. Side loading apps and additional marketplaces.

Android Forums User Additions
21. No licensing fee for Developers (added by Necosino)
22. Open advertising network, not limited to JUST apple advertisers. (added by Necosino)
23. Adobe Air. (viva.fidel)
24. Live wallpapers.(viva.fidel)
25. Custom and highly modified ROMs.(viva.fidel)
26. Real multitasking & intelligent handling of background memory process to save ram.(viva.fidel)
27. Companies are required to release the source code of their Android OS build. (Vmanisme)
28. You aren't forced to use the default 'core function apps'. (mickeymop)
29. You can install apps in the background. (Holden Caufield)
30. More free apps in market than apple's app store. (Holden Caufield)

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