Friday, August 20, 2010

Reviewers That Lower Scores Because of Pre-installed Custom Interfaces

I have recently read a lot of reviews disparaging the inclusion of the new Motorola Ninjablur and Samsung Touchwiz home screen interfaces. From lag to longing for the stock interface, reviewers lower the score of phones because of these additions. To me this evidences that the reviewer does not use an Android phone. When one can replace any home screen launcher with Launcher Pro and ADW launcher, there is no reason not to take the 30 seconds to install them if you do not like Ninjablur or Touchwiz. In fact, reviewers should always mention that one of the great advantages to Android is the fact that it's interface is so customizeable. You can even use the Sweeter Home app to create your own interface or download another user's interface.** The bottom line is that reviewers should never lower a revue score because they do not like the custom pre-installed interface.

**Here are some pictures of the one I made (I use launcher pro now). Start from the bottom picture for the interface and each picture above is what the phone looks like when the buttons on the bottom or the clock are pushed. Pushing the clock shows the 5 day weather widget (not pictured).

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1 comment:

  1. I think the biggest pain point with the custom interfaces is the following:

    * Custom interfaces slow the release of updates to the Android OS
    * Custom interfaces slow the phone down, and run at startup, irrespective if you are using it.

    Those are the two major reasons custom interfaces laid on top of Android make handsets lose points. But, since only about 10% of phone owners are "hackers", it really is a moot point.